It's hard to believe that basketball season is here already. I will be shooting at most of the Spain Park home games & some of the away games & will be posting them within a day or two of the games. I have added a folder with photos from the Hoover Playoff & Championship games.



Thanks for taking the time to visit my Gallery. My goal in sports photography is to capture & share the most important moments in these events - they truly are memories that you will want to keep for a lifetime.

If you have any questions about ordering or would like to contact me for any other events, please feel free to do so with the contact info listed below. Photos can be printed by SmugMug or they can be downloaded for printing or internet use. Watermarks on the photos will be removed when printed or downloaded. At this time, photos can not be purchased on a mobile device (phone or iPad), so orders must be placed on a laptop or desktop computer. Click on a Gallery above to see the game Folder that you want to view. Games from last year for football, basketball, & baseball are in the 2012-2013 SP Sports folder above.

***I can make a separate Gallery of any individual player to make it easier to view- just contact me to let me know! Photos will be uploaded to the Individual Galleries after I get the main game Gallery up for each week. The most current game photos will be placed at the front of the individual gallery.

20% of any profits from Spain Park photo sales from the SmugMug site will be donated to the Spain Park Athletic Department.


phone: 205-317-1688

Ted Melton